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Nov 10, 2011 at 02:50 PM

point-to-point connection bs direct rfc connection



I can execute one RFC made on one SAP System (sys1) in other SAP System (sys2) only by the creation of the corresponding RFC destination, so I don't know that's the utility for direct connections between two SAP Systems. Could someone explain me what's the advantages of using direct connections bs RFC connections ?. The unique factor I can thinks is that RFC protocol is more restrictive than WS protocol so In some cases if it's not possible to communicate both systems via RFC connection we can use direct connections. (HTTP/SOAP) . Is there any other factor for using direct connection ?

In the second case (Direct Connections) I suppose that the messages can't be monitored in SAP PI (RW or sxmb_moni) because the communication is made witout the participation of the IS. It's that true ?

Thanks in advance.