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Nov 10, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Controling the printing of the real estate contracts


Hi all

In the transaction RECN a form can be printed.

In the SPRO we have customized several forms. Also we have customized several contract types.

Not all the forms are usefull for all the contract types. And should not be printed.

So when a contract type is chosen we would only print the forms which are linked to the chosen contract type.

I haven't found any customizing which can achieve this, so we want to build some custom development.

The link between the form and the contract type is going to be stored in a table.

and via a custom enhancement we would like to check this.

But, Is there any BADI or user exit which can be used to make this work? So if the user wants to print a form, the list in the print properties pop-up would only shows the forms which are linked to the chosen contract type?

Kind regards,

Anton Pierhagen