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Nov 10, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Printing a sapscript to Dymo printers



I have a requirement to print to dymo printers.

At present,we have a driver program and sapscript for printing labels to a normal printer. The sapscript has been designed to accomodate a maximum of 6 labels per page(2 labels per line). While saving a delivery, a pop up will be displayed to input the number of lables to be printed. And based on the input, the labels are printed on a normal printer with a maximum of 2 labels per line and upto 6 labels per page.

Now, we have to extend this functionality by allowing the sapscript to be printed on dymo printers(label printers). Can you please guide me as to what are the changes I have to make to the sapscript to make it compatible with a dymo printer.

The current sapscript has 6 windows for labels per page...I understand that for dymo printer, we can have only one main window.So is it ok to define a new page on the same script for printing on a dymo printer?Or should I create a new sapscriot for the purpose?

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