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Nov 10, 2011 at 10:59 AM

PC00_M40_REMP-Not able to meet a common Reimb.


Hi Gurus,

Please help me with this scenario which I think should be very common scenarion in Indian Companys.

My Client gives Fuel 10,000/- monthly through off cycle to its employee which is paid against bill produced & is tax exemptible. The amount which is not paid is certainly get accumulated at year end & paid after Tax deduction. So its basically like this

I am prorating a base WT lets say XX** for Fuel Reimb. during payroll run & then updating respective wage type for Fuel & Tax Code IT 589 & IT 582 respectivly with prorated amount every month. .

AL00 ZFUL M 999 2024

When I use above stting in v_t7INAA & maintain IT 589 Records for every month instead one whole year, for elligible amount 10,000/- or less incase employee is absent for that period.

I can see Rs 1000/- elligibility but if I claim for lets say 5000 in Month May The balance 5000 doesn't get carried forward & added to next month elligibility (10000+5000=15000). & the elligible amount shown remains 10000/- only

AL00 ZFUL Y 2024

when I use above stting in v_t7INAA & maintain IT 589 Records Rs 1,20,000 for financiall year.

The calculation for each month elligibility happens like this 1,20,000/366 * No of days in month which doesn't get me exact value of 10,000 every month.Though here the unclaimed balance gets added to the total elligibility for an employee in a particular month but the challenge I am facing with a scenarion when an employee is , lets say absent for 15 days in a month, his prorated elligible amount would be Rs 5000 for that month. The less Rs 5000 must get reduced from his total elligible amount in that particular month.

I can think of updating IT589 everymonth with carried forward balances but I am just hoping if I can achieve it through HINCREMP programme .



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