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Nov 10, 2011 at 10:20 AM

EWM: Interface ERP - EWM: Replication of deliveries to EWM system


Hello folks.

We are about to set up an SCM EWM system connected to our ERP system.

The first steps were to configure the interface between the systems. The transfer of material master data and business partners via CIF is still running.

The next step should be to replicate the deliveries from ERP down to EWM system. We choose the transfer with qRFC inbound queues and think we set up the systems accordingly. But after creating, packing and saving inbound deliveries within ERP, system tells the document is distributed. Nevertheless the document is not being transfered to the EWM. I cannot find it in the target system. But I wonder why there is an entry in the inbound queue DLVSS23CLNT0010180000510 of ERP (SMQ2).

Why are the documents not being replicated to EWM? What´s wrong?

Could anyone help?

Thank you all.