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Mar 29, 2005 at 05:32 PM

eventing between multiple IViews


I have multiple Dynpage IViews on one page. I raise and receive events between the IViews. I can alert the databag or eventObject values. The problem is when I try and write to the IView that has subxcribed to the event.

ending IView:

/******  store initial client data   ******/

	EPCM.storeClientData( 'urn:myOwnNameSpace', 'myData', '15' );
	EPCM.storeClientData( 'urn:myOwnNameSpace', 'myData2', '10' )

/******* set the user name based off of the selected index for Request For *******/
 function setRequest(){   
	var funcName = htmlb_formid+"_getHtmlbElementId";
	func = window[funcName];
	var ddl = eval(func("Request"));   
	var selectedIndex = ddl.getIndex();
	var name = ddl.getValue(selectedIndex);
	EPCM.raiseEvent( 'urn:myOwnNameSpace', 'myRequestFor',  name );


Receiving IView:

[code]function myRequestHandler( eventObject ) {

var passedData = eventObject.dataObject;

var temp=EPCM.loadClientData('urn:myOwnNameSpace', 'myData');

var funcName = htmlb_formid+"_getHtmlbElementId";

func = window[funcName];

var myTime = eval(func("myTime"));



EPCM.subscribeEvent( 'urn:myOwnNameSpace', 'myRequestFor', myRequestHandler);code]

The alert has the data passed but the values are not written back to the JAVA htmlb objects.

I did the same thing using JSP DYnpages and it works. I would prefer nto to use the JSP page. Do I have an option