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Nov 09, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Talent Management Enterprise Search Appraisals


Hi Everyone,

My customer and I would like to know how the search is done in Talent Management for OSA(HAP) . I'm talking here about the Connector HRTMC_AES_DOCUMENTS. My impression is that the search is done for documents that have as participants (appraisee, appraiser) CP Objects. That's what I thought checking the connector in the Template Modeler in the EH Cockpit ESH_COCKPIT.

So the first question would be is that so - can anyone confirm? There was a remotely related answer from Maurice Hagen [Talent search and appraisal document |Talent search and appraisal document] but that had nothing to do with the actual search .

The second question is, how can I look in the system (transaction, table) to find out exactly what each connector is doing? Keep in mind that I don't have the authorization for transaction TREXADMIN. SAP seems to have a thousand different things under the hat of "Business Object". I don't know how for instance to find out the coding behing the connector HRTMC_AES_DOCUMENT - or whichever other connector.

Thanks for the help,