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Nov 09, 2011 at 09:00 AM

First acquisition date later than Depretiation calculation start date



I have a problem with the calculation of depreciation.

I have an asset with First acquisition date: December 2011 and Depreciation calculation start date: January 2011.

Asset value 480 u20AC and useful life 4 years, so each year I want to depreciate 120 u20AC

I need to depreciate the asset from January 2011, so in December 2011 I need that planned depreciation was 120 u20AC (cumulated depreciation from January to December 2011) and then from January 2012 depreciation must be 10u20AC.

The problem is that the system always takes the first acquisition date as the depreciation calculation start date (in this case 10 u20AC in instead of 120 u20AC in December 2011)

How could I customize the system to take always the date that appears in "depreciation calculation start date" field, as the depreciation start date although the "first acquisition date" was a later date.

Thanks a lot for your help!