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Nov 09, 2011 at 07:45 AM

WBS Start and end date updated as the work order basic start and finis date


Hi Experts,

This is the scenario i have. We are updating the Work order header based on the data from Legacy system. This is done by an interface. But when the work order header is updated, the Work order's basic start and basic finish date gets changed to the WBS element or the Project start date and end date.

For eg: 1). I have created a work order based on the data from legacy system. Lets say now the basic start date is 11-02-2011 and the WBS start date is 10-01-2011.

2). I manually change the Basic start date to 11-04-2011.

3). Now i update the work order header with the legacy system data. NOw the basic start date changes to the WBS start date 10-01-2011.

At this time the standard code checks for the existence of WBS element with respect to the order. If a WBS or a Project is associated with the Work order then the basic start date of work order is changed to the start date of the WBS element. This is the scenario.

Now my client does not want this to happen. The WBS dates should never overwrite the changed work order basic start or basic finish date.

Can anyone please let me know if it can be achieved using any user exit. If so can you help me by providing the user exit.

If user exit is not possible can you please suggest if there is any other way to achieve the functionality.

Thanks all in Advance!

Regards ,

Praveenkumar T.