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Nov 09, 2011 at 06:34 AM

PCR for Deduction


Hi ALl,

We have a deduction A- Charity , this need to pay and this is only for Muslim Employees.As per below pCR it will go to All employees, so as per our requirement we need to restrict with Muslim Employees.

Payroll = International

For Muslim Employees no Employee groupping, we need to check based


Z004 Personnel Calculation Rule for Deduction A - Charity *


WGTYP? Query wage type


ADDWT * OT Output table


AMT?KZZKTB Comparison


ADDWT * OT Output table


ADDWT * OT Output table


AMT-KZZKT1 Subtraction

AMT*KZZKT2 Multiplication

AMT/100 Division

ADDWT 1201 OT Output table

AMT= 1004 Set

ADDWT * OT Output table