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Nov 09, 2011 at 05:56 AM

ECM-Release key doubt


Hello team,

I have doubts on the below topic in ECM, i browsed through forum but i need some more clarity. If any one can help me it will be of great help.

Release key - In release key we have various areas where we can release like production, planning etc.

For example let us consider, i selected release to production (off course system says if we select production we need to select planing also).

I used this ECM to do changes in E bom released it to production using this key.

Does it mean a) P bom automatically gets updated with the changes which was used for E bom.

b) or is it like PP dept can use this data and make changes in P bom

c) System says it affects the respective areas what does that exactly mean

Please help me as i am confused.