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Nov 09, 2011 at 12:44 AM

Parameter dropdown too narrow when selecting item for report


Hi All,

I have several reports where the user selects the item number from a drop down box.

The box displays the item code and the item description.

My problem is the width of the entry field does not fully display the item code, nor does the drop down box fully display the item code or the item description


Code is 6-J13688.01_FX_CW_345 Name is: Weigher for ABC Company Field 23 Left bank 3km

the display box only displays 6-J13688.01_F only displays Weigher for ABC Company Fie

as only part of the item number is showing and part of the description it is impossible to see if you have selected the correct item.

The query I am using in the token is

Code@Select OITT.Code,OITM.ItemName from OITT Join OITM on OITT.Code=OITM.ItemCode where OITM.frozenFor='N'

Any ideas on how I can get the full code and name to display?

thanks for your help