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Nov 08, 2011 at 10:22 PM

Proposal to merge the Java Enterprise SDK and .NET Enterprise SDK forums


Most of you should have already read some posts on the SDN that we are moving to a new platform called Jive. When we move to this new platform we are thinking about making a change to how the Java and .NET Enterprise SDK Forums are organized.

Currently, the Java Enterprise SDK and .NET Enterprise SDK's are in different forums. We are thinking about merging the two together into one new BI Platform SDKs Forum category (known as Discussions in Jive). A few of the reasons why we are thinking of doing this are below:

- The functionality of each Java and .NET SDK are very similar. Each SDK controlls the same Enterprise system.

- We hope each group could learn from each other. A .NET developer could discover a code sample from a Java developer, and vice versa.

- Most of the support team at SAP is cross trained in both languages so it is easier to moderate the forum as one category.

As a community, what do you think? Would you like the forums merged together? Would you like them to remain seperate? All constructive comments are welcomed!