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Nov 08, 2011 at 09:47 PM

BEx Analyzer: Result Rows Suppressed when condition is on


Hi All,

I have a BEx Query with below details:

Drill down characteristics - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I (total 9)

Result Row set to Display for - A & F characteristics

Key Figures - P, Q, R, S

Condition is Active on column - S: less than 100 (Show all the values less than 100 for column S)- This is a percentage calculated key figure.

Characteristic Assignment in the condition - Individual Chars. and Char.Combinations, selected all characteristics that are in the drill down (A to I).

Issue: When I run the report, everything works fine except the result rows, For both column A & F result rows are not displayed. It is getting suppressed somehow.

I tried by selecting the first option in the Character Assignment (All characteristics in the drilldown independently). This works & I get the result rows as required, but now it doesnt show all the values that supposed to be on report.

This is causing inconsistent data to the Business, even though cube values are correct.

We are on SAP BI 7.0 with SAPKW70019 support package.

I did research OSS notes, but unfortunately couldnt find any.

Please help with your ideas & let me know if you need further inputs.

Thanks in Advance.