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Nov 08, 2011 at 08:45 PM

How to caluculate gap between 2 TIP entries recorded on same day?



We use positive time evaluation and daily working times are captures in CATS using attendance type 1200. Planned working hours are from 0900-1730 with a break of 30 minutes. As breaks are not recorded using any absence types in CATS. Infact employees records 2 time events/activites in CATS Example if an employee is on a break between 1200 - 1230, his times are recorded as follows in CATS.

Time activity 1:0900- 1200 (TIP Entry 1)

Time activity 2:1230 - 1730 (TIP Entry 2)

In this way the break time is left out from getting captured in CATS.

Now the issue is some times employees record break for less than 30 minutes, we need to create a PCR to identify this break is equal to 30 mins. If it is less than we need to deduct the 30 mintues from his recorded hours. To do this we need to identify the gap time between the end of first TIP entry and the start of second TIP entry.

Need to know which operations can be used in the PCR for caluculating the gap between 2 TIP entries recorded on same day.