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Mar 29, 2005 at 11:53 AM

Merep_ex_replic doesn't work........


We have Web As 620, pl 50 for ABA and Basis components, and ME 21SP03 server components, with MAM 20 sr5 installed. The backend is a 46C system with pl 48 for Aba, Basis and APPL components, and PI 2004_1_46c pl 5.

During the Merep_ex_replic for MAM_030, MAM_031 short dumps are occurring on the backend for


We applied already note 708842, but the problem still exist.

Please tell us in which way the problem can be solved.

Maybe note 686005 can be applied in our case ? It can be applied on the Sync'bos MAM_030, MAM_031, MAM_050 imported according note 708842 ?