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Nov 08, 2011 at 04:08 PM

Export System fails in R3load testing database connection


Hello guys,

I am trying to export SAP ECC 6.0 system, but when sapinst tests the database connection, it fails with:

sapparam: sapargv( argc, argv) has not been called.
sapparam(1c): No Profile used.
sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline
/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load: START OF LOG: 20111108121047

/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load: sccsid @(#) $Id: //bas/700_REL/src/R3ld/R3load/R3ldmain.c#22 $ SAP
/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load: version R7.00/V1.4
Compiled Feb 27 2011 22:05:19
/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load -testconnect

(DB) ERROR: DbSlControl(DBSL_CMD_IMP_FUNS_SET) rc = 20
(DB) ERROR: DbSlErrorMsg rc = 20

/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load: job finished with 1 error(s)
/usr/sap/P21/SYS/exe/run/R3load: END OF LOG: 20111108121047

However, if I execute the same command on oraSID user, it works fine. So I don´t understand where is the fail.

I have configured this environment variables on root user, which runs sapinst command:

export SAPINST_JRE_HOME=/opt/java1.4/jre
export dbms_type=ORA
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/oracle/SID/102_64/lib

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advanced.