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Nov 08, 2011 at 02:01 PM

RAR: Background job logs


Hi all,

I have been experiencing problem while looking for the logs for any background jos in RAR. First of all when I click on "View Log" for any job, I get the below error:

Log fileE:\usr\sap\XYZ\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server logs/log/applications/ not exist

Then select the appropirate server node from "Server Log" drop down. This will show the logs.

However, these logs are not belonging to the background job for which I clicked "View Log".

Then I go server node by server node and then log by log besides to this. i have to search for the job id for which I am looking for the logs. This very time consuming and I feel frustrated to see the backgroun job logs.

CAn any one help me in this? How I can directly get into the respective background job's logs? Also, how can I remove the error above? which is the parameter where it has the above path for logs?

Please suggest.