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Nov 08, 2011 at 12:26 AM

Username Placeholder


We have a federated portal and I wanted to create a KM Link in the BEx portfolio that would take the user to their BI KM My_Portfolio page.

Just to be clear the user sees the Bex Portfolio in the EP portal (it is federated), but from that iview (because of the resources assigned to the iview) they do not have certain capability.

So I wanted to place a link in the Bex Portfolio that would take them to the BI KM My_Portfolio page, i.e. it opens a new tab or page. The bad is taht the link I created was like:


What happens though is that when they exe that link it runs for some time before displaying the user folder because I'm thinking it is iterating over every user folder to find those that they own and can see.

I tried:


But it doens't know what <> is !!

I happened to see <> in the Bex KM iview. Does anyone know of a link placeholder I can use that would function in this case?