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Nov 07, 2011 at 07:39 PM

A/R Retorno File CNB400 for Banco do Brazil - Format Error


Dear Expert,

I cannot upload the AR "retorno" file from Banco do Brazil even if the format is respetting the Febraban layout. In ff_5 I used the format "B for collection (cobrança)/payments (pagar) for Itaú or Febabran" but the program returns the error message 8B795 "Imported bank file format does not correspond to selected format"

The form that raises this error is the FORMAT_BRAZIL_ITAU included in the report J_1BBR20.

The format check is based on 4 keys. 3 of them are respected cause the format is exactly the same, but the 4th key identifying the bank is obviously different and the form contains only the check on the key related to banco Itau (341) but not for Banco do Brazil (001).

May you please help me to solve this issue? No oss note related found, no forum topics specific for this "Retorno" file of Banco do Brazil found.

Thanks a lot for a kind and quick response.

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