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Former Member
Nov 07, 2011 at 05:54 PM

Re:- Pay roll Log Error


Hi Friends ,

PayRoll Driver India

Payroll AREA- Z1 ( 01.01.2000 To 31.01.2000)

Current period -10.1999

Personnel Number - 1000

Scheme - IN00

Display Log

Display Variant Remun Statement - SAP&CALC

After putting all this above information Execute Error has been displayed Rejected the Personnel Number



*No Entry in Table T510H for key 40 ADIVP 01 for time 31.01.2000*

*Possible Cause of the error for the missing Table Entry in T510H*

*As of Release 4.0 A the Constants ADIVP and KDIVP are read from T510H not T511K*

*The Constants may not have been transferred to the New Table*

*Further information on removing the error in Note No. 86699*

*Background Information can be found in 4.0A Release information " Move Constants ADIVP and KDIVP from T511K To T510H*

But I have Mentioned T 510 H (*Cons- KDIVP, Tunit-1 Start Date - 01.01.2000 End Date 31.12.9999, Value 30)

In Table T511K ( Constant - ADIVP and KDIVP Payroll Constant - No of Days in Month for Calc , Start Date and End Date is There Value -30)

*Instead of 00.00.0000, please enter a valid value for the decision*
*Message no. 5D401*

*You have entered an invalid decision value for the V_T507A-RFUNC field.*

*Correct your entries.*

Please Tell me what is the reason for rejection of the Personnel Number Why error is displayed

I have tried all the ways , but could not find the reason

Waiting for your Reply Friends

Best Regards