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Nov 07, 2011 at 05:15 PM

An error in Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008


Greetings from Peru,

We have a problem with one of the Crystal Reports products weu2019d like you to help us with. We work with Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.

The error weu2019ve detected is in one of our systemu2019s reports; this report shows data inside frames. When the content to show is larger (in height) than the space left in the page, the container object of the report makes a line break keeping the title and the frame empty at the end of that page, but the information is shown in the next page. What we need is that not empty frame is displayed.

Weu2019ve tried to solve this problem by adjusting the report in different ways (by programming coding), but unfortunately this problem is related to how much data is displayed, because if this data fit in the space left in the page, the line break would not occurs and the data is shown at the end of the same page.

We hope you can help us with this issue. I look forward to your comments.