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Nov 07, 2011 at 12:44 PM



Hi experts,

I'm trying to define a loading strategy for cube 0FIAP_C02, that has been implemented.

I have the following DS 0FI_AP_1 and 0FI_AP_6.

From what i read, it seems that 0FI_AP_1 was the "old" DS, hat doesn't allow delta and that 0FI_AP_6 allows delta. Documentation also refers to 0FI_AP_7.

From your experience/Knowledge:

Q1: regardless of the type of loading (delta or full) is it the same to use DS 0FI_AP_1 or 0FI_AP_6? Will it bring the same data? (i've done a extraction on R3 RSA3 and the amount of records is different)

Q2: If i go with DS 0FI_AP_& do I have to load also 0FI_AP_7?

Q3: In which cases do you use one DS or the other?

Many thanks