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Nov 07, 2011 at 12:17 PM

SingleSignon between SAP EP and BO system


Hi Team,

We are trying to trouble shoot on the sso between Portal and BO systems where as SSO between Portal and BI are working fine.

Please find below the details of our scenario.

1. Our scenario is that we have Portal , BI and BO in the landscape.

2. Portal is with the BI installation and both have the same hostname ( BO is a separate system (

3. BO reports are shown as iviews in portal using an OPEN DOCUMENT URL format which is like as below and not via the BO Iview templates which come as part of Integration kit. These reports come into portal as a role upload from BI system.

The procedure they are following is that a report is created in BO and open document URL is created and passed on to BI system. In BI system a role is created with all the reports in it with respective OPENDOC urls.

These roles are taken into portal via role uploads.

5. The SSO is tested creating a system with BI system details and also the details of BO in the property category Crystal Enterprise server but still it is prompted with a BO logon screen. I donu2019t think passing on the portal certificates into BO is required as Portal is validated in BI and BI/BO are connected.

I would like to know what all steps to be implemented for connecting BI and BO for Portal/BO sso to work. I am referring a document which came with the Integratio kit. In that do we need to implement full steps in chapter 4 (configuring SAP authentication) and Chapter 5 (configuring SAP server side trust).

Please pass on a doc with exact steps for integrating BI/BO which is required for achieving SSO between Portal/BO.

Also is there anything else i need to do from Portal side. Portal certificate is already uploaded into BI system and BI/Portal SSO is working fine.