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Nov 07, 2011 at 10:46 AM

BusinessObjects 4.0


Hi All,

I have a question for WEBI 4.0 functions,

1. Drill Down u2013 Based on the latest version, we can now connect WEBI directly to BEx without going thru Universe. In a way, it is good as we don't have to create another layer to connect to BEx but I have question on this drill down options, based on Iu2019ve experienced the drill down options can only be available with a Universe (in which we need to create a hierarchy), then we will be given an option to click on Scope of Analysis (In Query mode). Are you able to create a drill down without going thru the options mentioned on the new version?

2. Are we still able to change the "Preferences" option in WEBI to allow end user to have list of objects for them to slice and dice without going into Design Mode?

Thank you for your time in reviewing this question.


Best Regards,