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Nov 07, 2011 at 06:23 AM

How to use Results from Another Query for SAP BW universes


Hi Everyone,

I have two SAP BI universes.In my First universe I have Sales Doc no (dimension) and Orderqty (Measure) and in my second universe I have Sales Doc no(Dimension) and BillQty (Measure).

Here in my first dataprovider I have 1200 rows of data and in second dataprovider I have 75,000 rows. The report should fetch only the BillQty details that matches to corresponding Sales doc no in first data provider.

I want to place all these fileds into a single report like as shown.

(Datarpovider1) (Datarpovider1) (Datarpovider2)

*Sales Doc No* Orderqty BillQty

Here I am able to generate single report using merge dimension but it is leading to performance issues. I want to restrict the values at query level by passing the First dataprovider Sales doc no to second Data provider Sales doc number using Results from Anothery Query feature so that It can fetch only the matching records.

I tried it but it was giving the follwing error:

A filter contains a wrong value. You cannot run this query. (Error: WIS 00007)

How Can I get rid of this error. Can we use Results from Anothery Query option for OLAP universe. Are there any limitation on it.

All this I am doing in Webi Rich Client.

Appreciate your help

Thanks &in Advance

Kiran Saka