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Nov 06, 2011 at 11:24 PM

Error on Dispute Cases : Error adding object type BSEG, anchor CDIS_CRED, r


Hello All,

I have tried my possible best to find threads on this specific error but all to avail and hope someone can help me trace the origin of this specific error.

I have 2 open items, financial documents generated - SD being invoices. Our experience is that we dont have any errors when we create dispute cases on debit invoices created BUT when credit notes are created on this this same customer and we want to created dispute cases on these "credit" items / document, we get these error.

A hint as to why these errors only occur when creating disputes on credit notes or credit open items would be very grateful.

"Error adding object NL0116700007572007001 (type BSEG, anchor CDISCRED, relationship F6)_

Message no. UDMMSG007"_

Thank and above, you can read the content of the full error messag.