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Nov 06, 2011 at 05:38 PM

portal client event


hi portal guru,

there is a standard sap iview, which listen to certain event.

now i want to write some code to raise that event, then the standard iview can act accordingly.

i try with different ways.

1. i write a web dynpro application which raise the event with code

i put those two view in one page, everything works.

2.i write a portal component ,which generate the html code

the epcflevel is set to 2 in the configuratoin.

i create iview for this component and put it to another page with the standard iview. it doesn't work.

i try also subscribe event in the page generated by the portal component, the event is caught. so i am sure the event is fired.

do i miss anything there?

the environment is NW7 SP15.

the reason why i want to try with the 2nd way is the 1st option is not working in latest firefox because of the web dynpro limitation.

any comment is appreciated.

Best regards,


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