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Nov 06, 2011 at 05:34 AM

Access SAP systems via the SAP Portal (EP) over the internet.



Our SAP systems (ECC 6.0) are behind the firewall while our EP server is in the DMZ zone published on the internet. we want the ECC applications to be accessible in the portal.

By searching this forum, I came to know by using reverse proxy or SAP web dispatcher we can solve this problem. Now my questions is if we use the reverse proxy, then the ECC system will be in DMZ area right? Wont it be a big problem/ threat to the production data?

And if we want to move the ECC system to DMZ area, then what are the precautionary security measures to be considered? Should we need to move the database server also to DMZ area or only the ECC Application server will do?

BR, Saravanan