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Former Member
Nov 06, 2011 at 12:57 AM

Fiscal Year / Period description in reporting


Hello All,

Is there a way to change the description of fiscal year / period (0FISCPER) in reporting?

Ex: We have Fiscal Yr/Period in the report selection and our period is from Apr - Mar (Fiscal Yr variant = V0).

Fiscal Yr/ Period (001/2010) ---> CalMonth (04/2010) --- description is Apr 2010 which is right


Fiscal Yr/ Period (010/2010) ---> CalMonth (01/2011) --- but the description shows Jan 2010 instead of Jan 2011

User wants to see the description as Jan 2011 when they enter Fiscal Yr / Period 010/2010. Any suggestions on how to

achieve this.

Thanks in Advance