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Nov 05, 2011 at 08:00 PM

Extract Structure of the DataSource is invalid


Hi Experts,

We are trying to transport a Z datasource from Development to Production. This datasource is special in the snese that it has been created from Association Analysis model in SAP BW Data Mining Workbench. However, when we are transporting this Datasource to Production we are gatting an error saying

*Post-import method RSA2_DSOURCE_AFTER_IMPORT started for OSOA L, date and time: 20111104162458

Extract structure /BIC/0CADX000030 is not active

The extract structure /BIC/0CADX000030 of the DataSource Z_RSDME_AX_DS_0030 is invalid

Errors occurred during post-handling RSA2_DSOURCE_AFTER_IMPORT for OSOA L*

Now i understand that it is not possible to transport Extract Structure from one system to another and i have to manually create the Datasource in Production and then retransport my request again. I will generate the Datasource by clicking on the "Maintain Datasource" button present in the Association Analysis model. Now my question is that when i am manually creating the Datasource in Production will it have the same name as that in Development? (ie Z_RSDME_AX_DS_0030 and also because the system manually assigns a name to these types of DataSources and i wont be able to edit the Technical Name). This is very important since i have transformations from that Datasource to an ODS and hence the name should be in sync in both Dev and Production.

So, will it have the same name in Production if i try to manually create it?

This is very urgent and so i am really looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanks in advance,