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Nov 05, 2011 at 07:39 PM

Cannot find Context node ID and role key


Hi Experts,

I have a issue and i shall explain the scenario or brief about what happened till now.

we have a CRM 6.0 system working on and as per updation required we have added the service packs to the system from 5th version to service pack 9th version.

we have a sandbox ,development, production and quality system as well.

sandbox is CRM 6.0 service pack 5 version and Quality, development ,production is CRM 6.0 Service pack 9.0 version.


when we open web UI of sandbox system and press F2 to know the technical details of the view/class/context node and so...the window pops-up but it does not display the config key, context node ID and shows the context node which doesn't exist in the view corresponding to that particular component/view it has to show and display role key , Component Usage , Object Type (found and searched for) , Sub-Object type (found and searched for) as DEFAULT and in case of some views context ID, configuration Origin are also missing.

but dynamically it brings data even though the context node is not present in the current view it has to be.

SYSTEM shows same behaviour with QUALITY system/any system as well.

further its a Z component and when i try to add an attribute to the view using the wizard , wizard operates but finally it displays an Error cannot add attribute to the view.

EXPERTS can you suggest me how to proceed with this problem.

thanks a lot.