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Nov 04, 2011 at 08:05 PM

Depreciation Calculation requirement


Hello Guru,

Good day!

Could you please help me in my requirement.

Ordinary depreciation start date must be "start of the next period"

25% Declining method


Year APC Ordinary Dep NBV

1 100 25 75

2 100 25 50

3 100 25 25

4 100 25 0

My problem here is that when I choose period control 11 "Next Month" I did not get the 25% full depreciation. Let say I acquire the asset on June, ordinary dep start date is July 01 but the depreciation is 25% of APC / period. I need full 25% depreciation. If I choose period control method "Fiscal year Start" I got the expected depreciation. But I need Ord dep start date be "Next Month"

How can I meet this requirement?