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Nov 04, 2011 at 05:36 PM

How to load CSV files into HANA


1.- Create an CSV file with your data

2.- Copy the file to dropbox/yourname inside the HANA box

3.- Create a table in HANA with the structure of your file

4.- create the control file BBB with the following information:

import data

into table XXX."YYY"

from 'ZZZ.csv'

record delimited by '\n'

fields delimited by ','

optionally enclosed by '"'

error log 'Text_Tables.err'

Where XXX is your schema, YYY is your HANA Table and ZZZ is your file

5.- Open an Script File and write the following:

LOAD FROM '/filer/dropbox/yourname/BBB.ctl';

where BBB is the name of your control file