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Former Member
Nov 04, 2011 at 09:16 AM

Workset Entry Point Merge Problem



We are currently facing the following problem:

We have a custom TLN with 1 level navigation and DTN displayng the rest of navigation levels

The navigation seems to be working on every portal role except this case:

(Role) Not Entry Point -> (Worksets) Entry Point With Merge ID.

When displayng this with multiple roles with the same workset merge id on SAP Standard Framework it works, but when using my custom framework it displays the correct workset merge(TLN) but it does not display anything in DTN(iviews or worksets inside the workset with merge ID).

So i went to test this on SAP Framework and it does not work either. Try to Change Top Level Navigation to show only the first level, and DTN to start at second level. The same happens!

Does anyone know the answer to this problem? We are on 7.0.1 SP8