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Nov 04, 2011 at 04:30 AM

Liquidity Planner - Liquidity Item Re-assignment


Hello Experts

My question is regarding Liquidity Planner.

We have offsetting items being allocated to Liquidity Item IN-TFR-000(unallocated payments).

For example clearing document 10018475 line item 1 reports +4375.00 for Liquidity item IN-TFR-000. The same clearing document 10018475 Line 2 will post -4375.00 for Liquidity item In-TFR-000.

Both items are reported on the FLQ Line Items report.

We need to exclude these items which have the same document number/ with zero totals from the Line items report. Note that liquidity item IN-TFR-000 also has other unallocated items to be reported.

Can I re-assign these items to another liquidity item (e.g OT-OUT-999) via a program or user exit? I can only do this after the liquidity item has been assigned through FLQAB/ FLQAC/FLQAD.

Also where to configure the user exit? Or do I use a program to call the manual assignment transaction FLQAM?

Thanks in advance!