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Nov 04, 2011 at 02:15 AM

Analysis authorization migration question


Hello experts,

I would need your expert advice on the following situation.

We are currently on BI 7.0 (NW 04s) version with 3.x reporting authorization concept. Our company is planning to technically upgrade the BI solution to 7.3 version. We have realized that 7.3 version requires analysis authorizations and that its mandatory.

Because of our aggressive timelines, we plan to switch from 3.x authorization to analysis authorization in SPRO just few hours before the actual upgrade. Later after the system is upgraded, we plan to migrate the authorizations one by one to 7.3 analysis authorizations. Is this possible?

I have read several threads in this forum but didnt get answer to my particular are my questions

1) Can our system be upgraded to 7.3 version without actually building analysis authorizations but by only switching to that concept in SPRO?

2) I came to know that 7.3 authorization concept is different than 7.0 authorization concept...So in that case, instead of using the RSEC_MIGRATION tool or procedure in the link below for 3.5->7.0->7.3...can we directly start building from scratch by mapping our existing authorizations in 7.3? e.g 3.5->7.3?

appreciate your help..