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Nov 03, 2011 at 08:15 PM

PI 7.11 sp6 system copy Exchange Profile error code: 399



We have a PI 7.1 (EHP1, sp6) PI system based on AIX 6.1 OS and Oracle 11g.

I recently did the standard PI system copy from a prod source (PIP) to a training target (PIT).

I used the most recenty PI system copy guide that is specific for PI 7.1 EHP1

I did not run into any major problems doing the steps of the copy itself.

I did the usual "post" steps, documented in the guide that really are done on any NW system.

Then I got into the specific "PI" post steps and that's where I now have a problem.

I followed all the steps, fixing my RFCs, JCos, Destinations, cleaning up SLD, SLDAPICUST, creating new business systems...etc.

My big problem is with the exchange profile. Yes, it's easy to change all the SIDs and hostnames using the search tool for all the parameters in the exchange profile, but the one I COULD NOT CHANGE was the "ABAP Connection". In there right after the copy was the hostname of the prod system, the client, and the user PILDUSER. I attempted to put the hostname of my target (PIT) system, but I would get the error: RFC call returned an error code: 399

I'm certain the user is NOT locked and the password is correct for PILDUSER. It'll give me a different error if I put the wrong password in, so I know it's hitting my system.

Worse yet, If I left the hostname in there that was set to "prod", then when I changed all the other values in the "parameters" section of the XI profile, then it actually changed my PROD system!!

If I keep the ABAP connection to PIT, then the entire exchange profile disappears for PIT.

I see these errors in the default trace and application log:


No such instance: SAP_J2EEEngineCluster.CreationClassName="SAP_J2EEEngineCluster",


Caused by: CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND: No such instance: SAP_J2EEEngineCluster.CreationClassName="SAP_J2EEEngineCluster",Name="PIT.SystemHome.<traininghostname>"


#2.#2011 11 03 [24]#Plain##

SLD Registration Job: No access to SLD. Waiting for next retry. Error: Failed to initialize ExchangeProfile properties. Reason: Unable to read configuration data (ExchangeProfile/

#2.#2011 11 03 Runner [tcesiespsrv]#Plain##

+There is problem reading the hostname from the ClusterManager. This could lead to improper wsdl links.#

SLDCHECK shows this:

Function call returned exception code 3

Access to the XI Profile is currently disrupted.

I can't be the first person to run into this.

SO strange that I can actually plug in either my dev/QA or PROD hostname in the "ABAP connection" box and it WILL ACCEPT IT...but then, it registered my training system as a "non central adapter engine". I don't want that.

Any ideas?

Another issue is that the SLD PI information from the PIT system is missing the "Integration Directory". It has the other 5 entries...Adapter Engine, Domain, Integration Repository, Integration Server, RWB.

Thanks for reading this,