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Nov 03, 2011 at 07:40 PM

JIT00 820 Error Message


We are receiving error messages like this on a daily basis out of several of our plants and are unable so far to determine the cause. They are not affecting any transactions that we can identify, but we are trying to determine the cause, and if necessary, any corrective action to be taken.

13:41:07 DIA 26 200 BPARRACK VT02 D01 Transaction Canceled JIT00 820 ( 80223089 )

All of the plant SAP users identified in the error messages are Shipping personnel who routinely use Tcodes VT01N, VT02N, VT11 and VL02N. The error messages are generating from plants that have deliveries with JIT Calls for kanban and line sequencing shipments as well as plants that have no customers that use those processes (hence no JIT Calls).

Does anyone know why these error messages might be getting generated?


Jeff Stewart