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Nov 03, 2011 at 05:06 PM

Issue with AFAR trying to post in a closed and already consolidated year


Hello Experts!

We have an issue regarding transaction AFAR - recalculate values. I just recently entered as support for Financials and realized our users didn't run transaction AFAR at all during 2010. They didn't run it during 2011 until now. We are running it in test mode and in PRD it produced an error log stating that periods for 2010 were closed (as they should be). Since our PRD environment has been recently copied to a client in Quality environment we opened the periods and then test-run AFAR. Unfortunately, it is trying to post a difference for Ordinary depreciation in 2010 and then in 2011 the system is cancelling it with a post for the same amount but in negative.

The biggest issue is that as you are probably guessing 2010 has already been closed and of course a figure for net income was reported and Balance Sheet was presented that should NOT be changed now.

Since AFAR is posting amounts in 2010 and then cancelling them the following year we were pondering the possibility to make the system post both movements in the same year (preferably in 2011) but we are not even sure if we can make AFAR do this.

As you can see our biggest problem is AFAR trying to move figures in 2010 so any advice to help us achieve AFAR not posting in 2010 would be really appreciated (or if 2010 MUST be posted then a way to achieve a net of zero)

Thanks in advance!