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​What's the AdT-Equivalent to "Display Object List"?

Hi AdT-Experts,

just verifying: the AdT-Equivalent to SE80 ""Display Object List" is "Show In - Project Explorer", right?


1. Is there a Button, too? [Edit: Shortcut Alt+Shif+w works fine, probaly even better than a button!]

2. Is there a way to show ONYL the program I'm interested in? (e.g SAPMV45A in the Screenshot) in the Project-Explorer, excluding all the other programs, that are in the package as well? (You know, like in SE80? ;-) )

3. While the "Outline" might be very useful for Classes, it's not for programs, right?! (The only thing it does is show the includes...) Or can it’s behavior change maybe (e.g showing FORMS)?



PS: not nagging, just trying to learn to love Eclipse! ;-)

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Dec 22, 2016 at 12:25 PM

    Hi Joachim,
    well quite a bunch of questions ;-)

    1. At the top of the Project Explorer there is a button called "Link with Editor". If you enable this, the content of the project explorer gets updated each time you switch to another object in the editor.

    2. That's currently not supported, but we have this in mind.

    3. With release NW 7.51 you can use the Quick Outline (Ctrl-O). By pressing Ctrl-O a second time you get the outline for the complete function group or module pool.


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