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Nov 03, 2011 at 04:37 PM

web template - tracing dataprovider to source of data



I have a web template with a text item that gets its data from a dataprovider.

The dataprovider is set to type "query" but there is no query specified (meaning, the dataprovider receives its data from whatever query is sent to it).

The problem is just that-- I can't figure out where the mapping is for the dataprovider. I looked at the query and the infocube and the multiprovider, but I'm not seeing any [ROLLUPTIME] field.

I need to know where the dataprovider is getting its data in the web template. Is there a t-code or something that will show how the dataprovider is mapped. I can't tell where the data is coming from in the infofield. Under data binding, it just says GENERIC_TEXT_ELEMENT and the dataprovider.

I'm trying to trace back to the source data (in other words, where is the "general text elements for dataprovider" coming from?)

The text_item is mapped to the dataprovider and the [ROLLUPTIME] but I want to see where in BI/BW [ROLLUPTIME] is coming from.