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Nov 03, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Dashboard Design 4.0 error 2170 cross domain issue


I've created a dashboard against a query in 4.0 (so that it queries a universe directly) and when I publish it up, I get a 2170 error.

I've tried adding a cross domain policy file into the root of tomcat, but it doesn't seem to change anything. I can see the error clearly in the flash message, it's finding the file URL at SERVER1.MYDOMAIN.COM:8080, but it's trying to connect to the external data URL at SERVER1:8080. Obviously this is the issue, and it works on the server if I RDP into it, but not from any client, since they can't resolve SERVER1:8080, as its not in the DNS.

I can't specify the FQDN in Dashboard Designer, so I was thinking that maybe its using the connection that the universe already has, but when I check the connections in Infomation Design Tool, although I log into, it shortens it down to server1 in the GUI. I'm thinking this is the root of my problem.

If I add Server1 to my workstation's hosts file, it frequently fails the first attempt with a 2170, then works after that, but this is no solution as I can't have everyone coming into infoview messing about with their hosts file.

Any way to force the external data URL to use its FQDN? Or any other workaround?