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Nov 03, 2011 at 01:54 PM

Installing J2ee license for a DR site HW key


As you are probably aware, you can install multiple licenses in an ABAP system so that you can have your primary, and High Availablility servers HW/KEY and license installed in the system. You can also get a license for a Disaster Recovery site and put that in the ABAP system so that the license is there for DR testing and / or real DR situration.

Does anyone know how to do that with the NW 701 java stacks? I know how to install a license from a file in the license adapter service, but it only seems to let you install licenses that match your current HW key. For HA, you can failover and install the key, then you have both installed. But that is a problem for DR, we hope to only got the DR site for tests. We do not actually want to failover to the DR site and fail back for real. So during the DR test it is possible to install the license for DR at the DR server, but I would like to add that license to the prod server so it is there already for the next test.

Is there a way to add a java license for a HW key that does not match your current HW key?

As an fyi, we are doing DR with AIX Oracle using block level SAN replication with write order fidelity.

Thanks, Pat