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Nov 03, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Issues with current SAP Kernel


Hello buddies,

I received as recommendation from SAP the following:

You may experience problems with your SAP kernel release.

SAP tests all SAP kernels released. However, your patch level has been found to be unstable in some cases and

is therefore not recommended. For more information, see the release information for each SAP kernel patch on

SAP Service Marketplace.

For more information about issues concerning your current SAP kernel, see the SAP Notes in the table below.


If the SAP kernel shipped with the latest Support Package Stack for your product has the same problem as

listed below, use a more recent SAP kernel available in the Patches section of SAP Service Marketplace.

SAP Note Short Text Risk

1525687 Core dump in DiagoTabFocusColumn()

I checked the system, but I see no dumps generated like it is written in the SAP note:



If the focus is set on an invisible cell of a table control, a core dump occurs in the C function DiagoTabFocusColumn().

This problem occurs in Customizing option "Maintain Allocation Structures", for example. A SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED dump is triggered with the error message "Process terminated by signal 0". The termination occurs in program SAPL0C5D, event SYSTEM-EXIT. The main program is SAPLSETB.

Other terms

Allocation structure, settlement cost element, SPRO, SM34, CO_SSTRUC


The problem is solved by a kernel patch.

Is it really necessary to solve this ?

I see no problem with the current Kernel.