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Nov 03, 2011 at 09:53 AM

ARIS & SAP integration, SAP user management


The scenario is as follows:

Company business model (including company employees) is managed in ARIS.

Currently, when a new employee is hired (or an existing employee's data is updated), his/her data is managed in ARIS model, then user's data (name, login, SAP roles, etc.) is exported from ARIS model as a plain text which is e-mailed to SAP BASIS admins to create/update employee's SAP system account, so the employee could work as a SAP system user, according to his position as modelled and managed in ARIS. SAP admin's part here seems to be purely mechanical, since he does not make the decision, he just creates an account based on ARIS model output data.

The idea is to automate this process, by cutting that "e-mail" and "SAP admin" part, so that the employee's SAP system account would be created or updated (semi-)automatically right out of ARIS business model, by ARIS admin's decision.

Please tell me, is there any ready-made means in ARIS (or maybe using an additional tool) to manage (create, update) users in SAP R/3 and BW systems? Or a better way to do it?

I presume it could be done in ARIS via some script through an RFC connection to a SAP system.

Maybe I am asking this question in a wrong place, then please advise a better place.