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Nov 03, 2011 at 03:27 AM

Table could not be activated errors-Sap Integration Kit SP3-R21K900693.r21


Hello experts,

This is a known and documented issue but even that Iu2019m little bit confused about the right process to follow.

Let me describe our scenario. We have first installed BOE XI 3.1 SP 3 as a part of a GRC RM 3.0 scenario. Also and since Crystal Reports was required the following components were also downloaded and installed:

Fix Pack 3.5: ENTERPRISE03P_5-10007443

Crystal Reports 2008: 51038906

Integration Kit SP 3: 51038935

After completed the above components installation (and in the listed order) weu2019ve proceed to import integration transports in BW system. The transports files included in the Integration Kit SP3 (51038935) packages are the following: from K900687.r21 to K900695.r21. All of them were imported in the order listed in the u201Ctransports_ENu201D file. After that, as you may know I got the error documented in note 1484086 for transport file R21K900693. After reviewing several posts and the related notes mentioned in the above mentioned one, I would like to confirm the right process with you:

a- Should I install transport files in Integration Kit (51040568) and then reinstall all transport files Integration Kit SP 3 (51038935)? Does this procedure have any impact or risks on whatever tasks/develop already present in the system?

b- According to solution 1 in note 1484086, just importing K900705.r21 and R900705.r21 files from FixPack 3.1 will fix this issue? or Am I missing something? Should I uninstall any package from the system? Or importing K900705.r21 and R900705 will fix the issue.

c- According to solution 2 (in the same note) it says not to import any package from considering I have already imported transport files from SP3 and considering also that Fix Pack 3.5 for BOE XI 3.1 has been installedu2026..What packages should be installed?

Basically I need to know what packages need to be installed and which is the right process taking under consideration that transport files from Integration Kit SP3 have been installed.

Thanks in advance