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Nov 02, 2011 at 09:06 PM

Binding object problem


Hi all.

I have to make a Workflow to approve sales orders with a Z table.

I have created a Subtype Object ZBUS2032, and delegated BUS2032 to it.

My ZBUS2032 has some virtual attributes like ernam, netwr, etc.

When my Workflow it's started, the first step inserts data in a Z Log,

The second step it's to get approvers from the Z table

Third step it's a loop that get next approver and send a mail to and user and generate a workitem in his workplace.

The problem is that Between steps I can't get to the attributes of the object. When I try to use object-ernam in my BOR code, for example, this is empty in the second step.

I have tried to bind workflow-task and task-workflow container with WIObject_ID and my Sales order. But nothing happened...

I realised that when steps go on, my "object table" has more registries with data of previous steps.

How can i solve this problem??

Thanks in advance