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Dec 20, 2016 at 02:18 PM

Rounding up to the exact quantity

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Hello All,

Requesting your help in configuring rounding rule with following background:

1. Base unit of measure: PC

Order unit of measure: CAR ( 1 CAR = 12 PC)

Additional unit of measure maintained in the article master: PAL (1 PAL = 160 PC)

2. Rounding profile currently maintained with rounding method 3 and rounding rule 01.

It is required that while creating a purchase order, if quantity is entered as 160 PC, then only the system should round up the quantity to 1 PAL.

For any lesser quantity, say, 150 or 155 PC, system should round to CAR (13 CAR, in this case)

All quantities above 160 PC to be converted in respective multiples of PAL. However, very specifically, quantity below 160 PC should be rounded to CAR and not PAL.

Requesting your inputs in the rounding up% and down % in rounding rule to achieve this proposal.

Thank you.

BR, Nihar