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Nov 02, 2011 at 12:56 AM

Questions about WM/RFID choices


Hello All,

We would like to us RF devices on our Warehouse management.

Per SAP's solutions, there are SAPConsole, WebSAPConsole, and ITSmobile.

We are now considering about which to choose, SAPConsole or WebSAPConsole. Could you kindly give any suggestions?

Following i have some questions:

1. Does the devices for SAPConsole and WebSAPConsole are different? if we choose WebSAPConsole, this means we should purchase a high level RF device?

2. Where is the SAPConsole server location suggested by SAP? Our SAP servers are placed at a different city to our plant, the RF device and AP must be used at plant, so, should the Console server be placed at the plant or together with the SAP R/3 servers?

3. How does the RF AP connected to the netwrok? By twisted pair to the LAN or directly connect to console server by USB or some other cable?

4. I saw that if we use SAPConsole, there must be a Telnet server, there are three kinds of telnet server suggested by SAP. I'd like to know whether we can use the self contained Telnet service by Windows server 2003? what's the difference between windows telnet and the third party telnet? Does the third party telnet servers free of charge?

Thank you in advance. Sure to award once problems cleared. thank you.